FY 2012 Special Report:  
Moody's Financial Metrics™ Key Ratios by Rating and Industry for North American Non-Financial Corporations: December 2012

Moody's standardized adjusted financial data provides an ideal foundation for comparisons across industries and rating categories.

This report and data compendium focus on eleven common financial ratios-a small subset of the detailed data available on 3,000 companies in Moody's Financial Metrics.
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About Financial Metrics
Corporate Financial Metrics (FM) enables clients to access the models, standard reports, and rating methodologies used by Moody’s analysts in the rating process. Corporate FM provides investors an unprecedented level of transparency in addition to high quality Moody’s content.

Corporate FM integrates:
  • Adjusted financial information on nearly 3,000 Corporates
  • Research and Ratings from moodys.com
  • Models and tools developed and used by our analysts

    In the future the FM platform will expand to cover Banks, Insurance, and other sectors.

  • Features and Functions
    • View and export financial data adjusted for Pensions, Leases, and other adjustments or financial data as reported by the company.
    • Calculate mean, medians, and outliers using Moody’s defined industry peer groups or custom peer groups.
    • Create and save custom reports and templates.
    • Access standard reports such as the rating committee package, rating methodologies, and adjustment worksheets.
    • Forecast financials using Projection and Pro-forma templates.
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